Know Your Dosha, Lower Your Stress

In the ancient Hindu system of healing called Ayurveda, stress reduction techniques are prescribed according to one’s unique combination of physiological, emotional, and spiritual traits. There are three main Ayurvedic principles, called doshas. They are: vata (air), pitta (fire), and kapha (earth). A person’s predominant dosha will determine which practices to incorporate to lower stress levels and re-establish balance. Find your primary dosha by taking this quiz then try these techniques to cultivate calm.


Vata – soft music, guided meditation, self-massage with warm oils


Pitta – left nostril-led breathing (inhale through the left nostril while the right nostril is covered, then exhale through the right with the left nostril covered)


Kapha – right nostril-led breathing (breathe in through the right nostril and out through the left), chanting


About ACI Specialty Benefits

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