5 Tips for Veterans Who Want To Buy or Sell a Home

As the wife of an active duty Marine, moving is always on my mind. Since becoming a licensed full-time Realtor® in 2009, multiple moves have given me valuable perspective for my (mostly) veteran and active duty military clientele who are eligible for valuable benefits because of their military affiliation. Below are a few important reminders when preparing to list or buy a home.

  1. Trust your agent A home will likely be your most valuable asset – you should know and trust your agent before they help you buy/sell one. Before you sign an exclusive agency/listing agreement, let them explain how they work and the details of your agreement (i.e. Terms? Restrictions?) Ask them to explain any conditions of the contract that you’re unsure about. If you don’t feel absolutely comfortable, don’t sign with them. And if you change your mind after working with them for a while due to lackluster performance, speak to their Broker who may let you out of your contract.
  2. Get to Know the VA Loan One of the greatest benefits available to a Veteran is the VA Mortgage. It is a “no money down” competitive interest loan that is available to anyone who has served in the Armed Forces. A common misconception about the VA loan is that it can only be used once. In fact, the loan can be used over and over again as long as the original loan amount is repaid (as in the event of a home sale.)
  3. Live Near a Military Base There are many advantages to having close access to base amenities like medical services, commissary/exchange, military affiliated banks, gas stations and base pharmacies. Perhaps the best perk to living near a military base is that they produce financially stable members of the community who bolster the local economy…which is always good for owning Real Estate!
  4. Invest in the Community Joining a local Veteran’s club or volunteering at the local hospital are just a few examples of how you can give back to your community while creating valuable connections. It’s these connections that often result in a strong social network that can assist you in selling your home or finding the right home to purchase.
  5. Think Ahead When preparing to sell a home, always plan for the future by anticipating the tough situations. What if your home doesn’t sell as soon as you hope it will? What if your first offer is $30k less than list price? If looking to buy a home, what happens if after closing a major maintenance issue is uncovered? Being emotionally and financially prepared for these scenarios will only help you in the long run. Discussing these hypothetical situations with your Realtor is the best way to anticipate adversity in a fluctuating market.

Ayren Pfeifer, Realtor, ASP, GREEN, RYT200 is an active agent with the Beaufort County Association of Realtors in Beaufort, South Carolina. When she’s not spending time with her family or selling Real Estate, she can most definitely be found at the yoga studio or on the water with her paddleboard. Ayren can be reached anytime via email at ayrenp@gmail.com or via cell phone at (757) 469-0320.

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