Preventing Postural Problems

Habitual sitting leads to changes in postural alignment. If these issues are not addressed, chronic pain and injury can ensue. Assess alignment and identify potential postural problems that stem from sitting with these checkpoints and diagram.

Neck – Forward head posture occurs from sitting in front of a computer screen. Make sure to stretch the neck and keep neutral alignment with the head to decrease neck pain.

Shoulders – Hunching over a computer can result in slouching. Make sure to stretch the chest and strengthen the upper back to prevent shoulder pain.

Lower Back – Sitting tightens the hip flexors, which shifts pelvic alignment creating an arched lower back. Stretching the hips, maintaining a neutral spine and engaging the core muscles by drawing in the belly button reduces back pain.

Feet – Sitting tightens the hip muscles, making the feet point out. This leads to knee and ankle problems. Stretching the hips and aligning the feet forward can reduce these issues.


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