Supporting All 4 Working Generations

Multigenerational chart_2

With four generations now working side-by-side, engaging employees of all ages and managing generational gaps in the workplace is more important than ever. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) can help employers address multigenerational challenges and meet various life stage needs with flexible communication strategies, targeted support, and an array of work/life benefits.

Communication strategies to effectively engage each generation:

Veterans (b. 1922-1945)

  • Distribute printed materials and make sure communications are formal and serious in tone
  • Take a personal approach and schedule face-to-face meetings and one-on-one interactions throughout the year to review benefits information
  • Explain service and policy changes thoroughly and hold trainings as needed to ensure comfort with new processes and technology

Boomers (b. 1946-1964)

  • Use simple, straightforward language and communicate in person or over the phone
  • Provide detailed information and resources in multiple formats, including in-person and online communications
  • Discuss benefit options that support working beyond retirement age
  • Provide information and resources for financial wellness and estate planning

Gen Xers (b. 1965-1980)

  • Use email and online platforms for direct, concise communication
  • Make self-directed online tools available, including educational information and resources
  • Provide information about voluntary benefits and retirement planning
  • Focus on support for significant life events like marriage, having kids, and job changes

Millennials (b. 1981-2000)

  • Think high-tech and utilize as many mobile and social communication methods as possible– social media, texting, instant messaging, apps
  • Provide access to online resources and forums for open feedback, questions, and comments
  • Offer educational materials, support and instructions for first-time benefits users
  • Focus on benefits that support holistic life and career goals

About ACI Specialty Benefits

ACI Specialty Benefits ranks in the nation’s Top-Ten providers of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), corporate wellness programs, student assistance, corporate concierge, and work/life services to corporations worldwide. ACI partners with clients to Perk Up employee engagement and performance with benefit programs that improve morale, productivity and the bottom-line. With a 95% customer retention rate and over 7 million lives covered. ACI remains a privately-owned specialty benefits corporation, headquartered in San Diego. For more information, visit or call 800.932.0034.
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