7 Easy Ways to Pay it Forward

From Starbucks to Chick-Fil-A, the “pay it forward” phenomenon has spurred chains of generosity that extend far beyond coffee shops and drive-thrus. Random acts of kindness have the power to connect people, ripple through a social network and spark a nationwide tidal wave of kindness. With the holidays quickly approaching, start your own good-deed chain with these seven kind gestures:

Compliment a stranger
A “great outfit” or “love your hair” comment goes a long way. Watching people’s faces shift from confusion to flattery is almost as uplifting as receiving the compliment.

Technology is power
Make an impact with the tap of a touch screen. Use social media to support an organization, project or cause.

Tip generously
Often, wait staff is paid minimally with the expectation that they will make most of their salary in tips. So, why not throw in an extra dollar or two? A little definitely will go a long way.

Clean up
Keep local neighborhoods, parks and beaches litter-free by picking up trash others have left behind.

Be a meter fairy
Few things are worse than stepping outside after running an errand only to receive a parking ticket. Pay it forward by using spare change to feed expired meters.

Share the savings
Using a store coupon at the mall? Buying an extra lottery ticket at the grocery store? Share t with the person in line behind you.

Write a positive review
Have a favorite server at the cafe around the corner? Recommend a good hairstylist to a friend? Give them virtual kudos. Their bosses will definitely take notice.

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