Food Lies We Tell Ourselves

#1: “Snacking frequently will keep up my metabolism”

Some try to prevent their metabolism from slowing down by eating small meals or snacks every few hours. However, even a couple of energy bars can add upwards of 500 calories. This would contribute to a body-fat gain of 1 pound per week!

Solution: If there is more than 4-5 hours between meals, opt for one small fiber- and protein- filled snack. For example, a hard-boiled egg and a piece of fruit would be a great choice.

#2: “I can eat whatever I want because I just burned off a ton of calories during my workout”

Increased appetite is common after working out and some rationalize eating without restraint since working out burns calories. However, it is unlikely for someone to burn 800 calories or more in one workout session, the amount of calories a large meal may have.

Solution: Drinking extra water and including a large portion of fruits and vegetables in a meal will help satisfy one’s appetite without consuming too many calories.

#3: “That electrolyte sports drink is necessary”

The brightly colored, sweetened drink filled with electrolytes might seem necessary, but is not really beneficial unless someone exercises vigorously for more than one hour.

Solution: Plenty of water, seltzer or another calorie-free drink would be sufficient unless the workout is vigorous and lasts for more than one hour.

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