Foam Rolling: How to Prep for Your Workout

Using a foam roller to massage your muscles is one of the BEST ways to warm up to prevent injury. You can find foam rollers in most fitness centers, and they look like a long, stiff cylinder about 10 inches in diameter. You can also purchase a foam roller at any sporting goods store.

Set yourself up for workout success and avoid pesky injuries with these exercises.

Rolling Bridge
This position is great for back pain. Lie face up on the roller positioned perpendicular to your spine. Cross your arms and tuck your tailbone under; With your knees bent and arms crossed, push into the floor with your feet to straighten your knees, allowing the roller to move down your spine.

Front Body Roll
This warm up is beneficial for the front of your body before any workout that uses your legs. Lie face down with the foam roller positioned under your legs around your hip area. Hold yourself in a pushup position and push yourself backward and forward until the foam roller moves along the front of your legs. You can tilt to one side to focus on one leg at a time to get an extra deep massage.

Lay the foam roller on the ground and ‘roll over’ any muscle that feels tight. Spend extra time ‘sitting’ on knots. It may feel uncomfortable for some time, but the knot should release after a minute and the benefits are long lasting!


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