What Your Eyes Tell You About Your Overall Health

8.1.2014 AppleByteWhen it comes to eye health, many people have the wrong idea about when to see an eye doctor or ophthalmologist. Even if you have no known vision problems or eye conditions, regular exams are important. Just by examining your eyes, your ophthalmologist can tell if you may have:

  • Diabetes: checking veins in the retina and looking for blood vessel hemorrhages
  • Melanoma: investigating freckles or “specks” in your eye
  • High blood pressure: examining arteries and veins in the back of the eye
  • Mental illness: monitoring eye tracking patterns
  • Potential brain tumor: examination of optic nerve color, pupil dilation, and blurry vision

These are only a few concerns with eye health, so be sure to schedule a visit with your ophthalmologist today! For those with healthy eyes, check the table to find out how often you should be seeing your eye doctor:

Age Frequency
20-40 Every 5-10 years
40-65 Every 2-4 years
65+ Every 1-2 years


Source: www.shape.com

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