5 Essential Smartphone Apps for the Modern Mom

Erin_274_squareFor working moms, the week can feel like a blur of conference calls, car trips, last-minute meals and sleepless nights. From fulfilling demands at work to remembering to pick up a gallon of milk on the way home, the to-do list is often overwhelming. Fortunately, smartphone applications these days can be a saving grace. With the right apps, moms on the go can pay bills, buy clothes, manage schedules, write emails and even run errands.

ACI’s Chief Integrated Marketing Officer and power mom of two, Erin Krehbiel, says that using apps to manage everyday tasks has become the new normal in the parenting world.From fitness to time management, Erin discusses why these apps are indispensable to busy mothers everywhere.

  1. EK1Groovebook: Recently featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Groovebook allows users to create a customized photo book with up to 100 photos uploaded directly from their smartphone. The service will then print, bind and mail the booklet for only $2.99 a month. Best of all- each photo is perforated, making it perfect for framing, sharing, hanging on the fridge, and more!
  2. MyFitnessPal: With work taking center stage in many women’s lives, MyFitnessPal is a great resource for moms to track their daily diet and exercise habits. Plus, it includes an extensive meal database that houses nutritional information for various types of food. Erin adds, “It’s a practical solution for moms seeking to achieve either short-term or long-term health goals.”
  3. Mint: With more and more women managing the finances in their households, Mint is a great tool moms can use to track spending. From the dollar-and-cent details to the big picture, the app allows users to manage bank accounts, credit cards and even organize expenses into different categories.
  4. Cozi: Recently named as one of the top mobile apps for moms, Cozi helps family members coordinate shared schedules on their smartphones. The app also helps manage shopping lists, to-do lists, and even includes a family journal. Erin mentions, “It’s great that I don’t need to constantly remind my husband that ‘Mom’s Night Out’ is coming up. Cozi does all the work for me!”
  5. Treat: No more missed holidays or last-minute trips to the drugstore! Treat allows users to create customized greeting cards for their loved ones using pictures that can be uploaded from any laptop, tablet or smartphone.   It’s a great way to be thoughtful on the go and turn a regular greeting card into a treasured keepsake.

EKBalancing work, play and motherhood is rarely easy, even for the most organized women. But, with these five apps, working moms will be able to keep track of finances, to-do lists, contact information, documents and schedules with more ease than ever!

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