Spring Clean Your Life in 5 Simple Steps

With spring in the air, it’s officially time to shake off the winter blues and give life a mini makeover! Learn how to cleanse the home, heart and head using these 5 simple steps.

Carve out some quiet time

In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, it can be hard to turn off. It’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of feeling compelled to stay connected to it all. However, cleansing the mind of technological and emotional strains improves overall well-being just as much as renewing the body. Restoring peace of mind can be as simple as taking a planned break from technology, sleeping in for an extra 20 minutes or even listening to relaxing music.

Give up a grudge

Letting go of negative or limiting beliefs can free up space for more positive thoughts. Holding onto resentment can lead to feelings of self-pity, obsessive thinking, anger with others or the world, and even general dissatisfaction in relationships, at work and in life. While some grudges have remarkable staying power, it’s important to learn to acknowledge the pain and then release it. Letting pain and resentment take up permanent residence in your heart ultimately does more harm than good.

Write it down

Emotions are meant to move and change, not linger and overwhelm. Sometimes, feelings are so scattered and unorganized that it takes putting pen to paper to help articulate them more clearly. Expressing those sentiments through writing makes them more manageable and easier to prioritize.

De-clutter home and office space

A vital part of the renewal process is to clean out the areas where time is often spent. Detoxing a home or office of unnecessary belongings helps get rid of the added stress and chaos the clutter may be causing. Donating items to local charities, schools or even friends and family will ensure that nothing goes to waste for the sake of spring cleaning.

Recharge health

The body needs all the sustenance it can get, especially for all it goes through on a daily basis. Becoming more health conscious doesn’t necessarily mean giving up guilty pleasures entirely; it has more to do with finding a feasible balance between diet and exercise. Making healthier choices when eating out, enrolling in a fitness class with a friend or even dedicating a few more days a week to exercising outdoors, are great ways to start seeing some sustainable results.

About ACI Specialty Benefits

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