Burn Off Halloween Candy Calories

Looking for a way to alleviate your Halloween candy indulgence guilt?  Check out our ideas to work off those unwanted candy calories!

Fun-sized Snickers, Reese’s or Twix:

To quickly burn off the 80 calories in these fun-sized chocolate bars, you’ll need to run for 8 minutes.  Not a runner?  Take a 19 minute walk.

Candy Corn (11 pieces):

11 pieces go down quickly, but you’ll need to do at least 10 minutes of step aerobics or dance to undo the damage of your 70 calorie candy snack!

Fun-Sized M&M Pack:

Weighing in at 100 calories, you can either rake the leaves for 20 minutes or play tennis for 8 minutes to reverse your chocolaty indulgence.

Tootsie Pop:

Licking a tootsie pop seems innocent enough, but you’ll need to jump rope for 6 minutes to burn off your 60 calorie lollipop.


Note: These estimations are for a moderately active 150-pound individual.  Rate of calorie burning depends on many factors such as height, weight, metabolic rate, etc.   

Sources: thedailyplate.com, healthline.com

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