Apps to Make Your Parenting Life Easier!

In social media and reality TV, parents seem to be able to raise straight-A students while participating in the newest health diet, but ACI parents know that things aren’t always that easy in the real world. Parents at ACI Specialty Benefits know that the reality to life is that there is no magic solution to raising a family. In this month’s HealthYMail, we set out to get the best advice from ACI’s parents.

To help us on our quest, ACI’s Chief Integrated Marketing Officer and supermom of two toddlers, Erin Krehbiel, offered, “I #buildbalance by making technology go to work for me! I love go-to parenting apps like Cozi and Mom Maps.” Erin went on to explain her favorite apps that she feels make parenting life much easier.

  1. Cozi: The slogan is Cozi. Family Life, Simplified. The app helps all family members be up to date on each other’s schedules. Erin expresses, “They are right! I no longer have to remind my husband about Mom’s night out or the 4 birthday parties this weekend because this friendly little APP does it for me – sets expectations and keeps everyone clear on who is doing what!” The app also includes shopping and to-do lists.
  2. Artkive: “Finally a way to avoid the art dump guilt!” Erin states. This app lets you store pictures of your children’s art, create cool collages, and much more.
  3. White Noise Baby: An app that has sounds to help your baby relax, stop crying, and sleep better. Erin suggests using this app for when you want your baby to sleep in an unfamiliar place, like your friend’s house for the super bowl party.
  4. Total Baby: Now there is a place to keep track of your children’s life moments. This app is a place to keep track of all aspects of your child’s care; doctor visits, growth stats, etc.
  5. Mom Maps: Can’t think of a place to take the kids? Mom Maps has got you covered! This app helps you find kid-friendly places on the go! Erin expresses, “It is great for road trips and vacation! Indoor playgrounds on a rainy day in San Francisco? No Problem!”
  6. Treat Cards: A great app to use for making greeting cards. Erin uses this app for announcements, holiday cards, and much more!

Curious to hear what our other expert moms had to say? Take a look at this month’s HealthYmail here and comment to share your own tips!

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