Bro-Yoga Banter: Do Real Men Do Yoga?

By Anthony Shideler

Craig Kilborn had a small, but memorable role in the 2003 comedy classic “Old School.”  When caught cheating with a catering girl, he turns to the main character and says, “You’re not going to tell, right? That’s what chicks do. You’re not a chick, are you?”

Ah, the fear of every grown man. Getting caught cheating, well, that’s one thing, but to be perceived as a ‘chick’ – could anything be worse?

This leads us to the main point of this blog – is it unmanly for men to do Yoga?

As a method of exercise, Yoga is typically coupled with such hypermasculine exercise routines as pilates, Zumba and step classes.  Traditionally, men attending these classes could be sized up as either fittingly effeminate or total creeps (even though they’ll tell you they’re the smart ones).  However, the invention of Yoga targeted specifically for the male demographic has begun to see a spike in popularity.

Bro-Yoga is the newest conjured euphemism created to drive Yoga popularity among the male demographic – and it’s working.  While it is mildly sad that such a superficial name change can shift the entire school of thought for men regarding Yoga (what can we say, we’re easily manipulated!), the positive results from this change are starting to become tangible.

Oft-injured Major League Baseball superstar third-baseman  Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays decided he wanted to do something different this year to try and stay healthy. Longoria originally got into Yoga for peace of mind, but quickly began to realize that “flexibility is the new strength.”  After playing in only 74 games of the 162 game MLB season in 2012 with hamstring issues, Longoria decided that it was time to get serious about his Yoga regimen.  This year Longoria has not missed one single game.

Evan Longoria is not alone is this belief.  In fact, other superstars such as Jim Thome, Tim Lincecum, and Alex Rodriguez have began to use Bro-Yoga as a method of gaining strength and preventing injury as well.  All-Star shortstop Jimmy Rollins even married a yoga instructor who gives him personal classes every week.

If the manly men of America’s favorite pastime think Yoga is manly enough for them, then it’s manly enough for the rest of us.

Don’t think I’m serious? Well the manly men of ACI Specialty Benefits decided to put together our own Bro-Yoga video on how “Real Men Do Yoga” (even in skin-tight American Apparel tank tops) just to let you know how serious we really are.  Enjoy at your own risk.

Have some feedback for us? Enjoyed the video? Offended? Perfect, let us know how you feel on Twitter @ACISpecBenefits, facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.  Also be sure to check out the rest of ACI’s videos on YouTube.

ALSO, show our “real men” some love by voting for their video in the Benefits Inspiration and Innovation Contest!

About the Author

Anthony Shideler is a social media specialist at ACI Specialty Benefits, an avid yoga enthusiast, and a total bro.

About ACI Specialty Benefits

ACI Specialty Benefits ranks in the nation’s Top-Ten providers of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), corporate wellness programs, student assistance, corporate concierge, and work/life services to corporations worldwide. ACI partners with clients to Perk Up employee engagement and performance with benefit programs that improve morale, productivity and the bottom-line. With a 95% customer retention rate and over 7 million lives covered. ACI remains a privately-owned specialty benefits corporation, headquartered in San Diego. For more information, visit or call 800.932.0034.
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1 Response to Bro-Yoga Banter: Do Real Men Do Yoga?

  1. Ann Clark says:

    This is a fabulous article. Loved the Bro-Yoga video and being in a class with someone who looks like Evan would certainly motivate me!

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