3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Family Vacation

It’s that time of year. And like all good summer vacations, it’s supposed to feel stressful. Right? Think again – below are the three best ways to ensure that this year’s family vacation will be restful and enjoyable for everybody.

1. Play without Purpose

Overachievers book every spare moment with activities, from ziplining and hiking to touring monuments and shopping. Even the few relaxing minutes are usually filled with anxiety about ‘getting things done.’ No wonder everyone comes back from vacation cranky and exhausted!

Allow boredom to set in. Children will be looking for play time without purpose, and so should adults. Playing just for the fun of it will rejuvenate everyone’s creative juices – great not just for vacation but for returning to work at the end of it. Researchers suggest activities such as hiking and knitting to break from the regimen of productivity and allow the mind to wander.

2. Lower the Stakes

Like a stubborn Robin Williams in RV, high hopes are always tacked on to the yearly vacation. But after the children start throwing tantrums or getting ill, and rushing to the next planned activity causes more stress than it’s worth, vacationers can return in poorer shape than when they left.

What’s the cause? High expectations. No need to mend every broken relationship in one week. Don’t worry about the one sight the family came to see if it’s too crowded and everyone is too tired. Now is the great time to ‘go with the flow.’ Drop the expectations a few pegs for a stress-free vacation; when wonderful experiences do happen, travelers will be all the more grateful for them.

3. Truly Vacate

Relaxing by a lake sounds great in theory, but what about the cell phone, laptop and tablet arrayed around the chair like a well-stocked arsenal?

But what if I’m needed at work? What if I have to drive back early? What if, what if….

Coworkers will survive for a few days. In this increasingly technological world, it’s getting more and more difficult to get away from it all. Few people at work should have your personal number in case of emergency, and make sure they don’t abuse it. In the meantime, don’t bring work to the beach. Organizations that value work/life balance will understand, and the job will still be there upon your return.

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