5 Worst Ways to Deal with Stress

Most employees experience stress of some flavor on a daily basis. Hell’s Kitchen certainly qualifies as a stressful workplace. Contestant chefs well up with tears at the slightest twist in the game. Sound like a familiar situation? Here are the six worst ways (and remedies) to handle stress in the workplace.


“Ignore it; maybe it’ll go away.” Did anyone ever actually believe this? Suppressing negative emotions can turn even the most pleasant personality into a chronic grump, and may even build up to an explosion later on. Address problems head-on by working toward solutions to the stressor.


Talking about stressors with a close friend can be a great way to let it all hang out. But memory is strengthened by rumination, and talking about the stressor too much can bring that memory back in vivid color over and over again. Break the cycle by finding a healthier way to let go. Instead of talking, try writing the problems down and then tearing them up with a promise to move past it.


If stressors can’t be ignored or talked about, is it better to opt for dish-smashing or insult-flinging therapy Gordon Ramsay-style? Aggressive behavior is not only detrimental to relationships with others; it also negatively impacts blood pressure, respiratory health, heart disease, and muscle tension. When blood starts boiling, remember to breathe before responding. A short breathing exercise or a brisk walk can help prevent angry outbursts.


Work’s over, and it’s time to surf channels or the web for an hour or two or three or four.  Don’t escape into an even more stressful tech world. Information overload can only agitate feelings of stress. Instead, try to shut everything off for an hour after work and instead read a good book, play a card game with friends, or meditate. There is a big difference between mindless numbing and real rejuvenation.

Force It

Meditation stressing you out? All the stress-relief advice in the world won’t work on every personality type. High-paced individuals might find yoga practice frustrating, while some might get anxious just thinking about going outside for a run. Take every piece of advice with a grain of salt and instead find stress relief that works for your personality and lifestyle.

How do you de-stress at work? Share your tips with us on twitter @ACISpecBenefits.

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