Stretching Stretched? 3 Myths Debunked

Flex your mind with these facts before you hit the mat:

True or false? 

You should limber up
before every workout.

False.  A new study showed that runners traveled 3.4 percent less distance when they stretched first.  Instead, warm-up with light aerobic activity, stretch after your warm-up, and then after your workout also.

To loosen up, you must hold
a stretch for several seconds.

False. Split-second dynamic stretches, like toe touches, and arm swings (after a proper cardio warm-up), can increase your range of motion without interfering with exercise performance.

Stretching prevents pulls and strains.

False.  There is no evidence that stretching reduces the risk of injury.  However, if done consistently after workout, it strengthens and increases muscle mass just like strength training.


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