Holidays Away from Home: The Do’s and Don’ts

For college students who no longer live at home, the holidays can be a tricky time. Traveling is often too expensive or too inconvenient, and staying put can be just as much of a drag.

But it doesn’t have to be.

When spending the holidays away from your usual loved ones, it’s doing the “little things” that separate a dull holiday from a fulfilling one.

Take a look at these do’s and don’ts to avoid slipping into holiday blues.

DO contact loved ones often

Even if you feel you may not “need” to hear the voices of friends and family often during the holidays, chances are they do. Anything from a few text messages throughout the day to a Skype session can go a long way in brightening you and your loved ones’ holiday season.   

DON’T completely avoid socializing

Don’t let your home-free state stop you from getting out at least once or twice during solo holidays. While the thought of seeing other families together can scare many into staying home, holiday gatherings will also have their fair share of fellow solo-dwellers just waiting to talk to someone in their same position. Even consider planning a makeshift family dinner with some friends or neighbors to add some fun to the holiday.

DO something for others

Since grade school, everyone has known that the holidays are really about giving. Time spent away from your family will make you realize even more that true happiness comes from seeing others happy.  Spread some cheer by participating in local charity work and volunteering some time, and you’ll be sure to meet some great people and make others happy without the comforts of home.

DON’T overwork

Just because a lot of the usual holiday fun can’t be had away from home doesn’t mean that this time of year isn’t still just that: a holiday. Don’t make the mistake of compensating loneliness with more work or else the holiday season may pass you by unnoticed.  Instead ease up on the work and let the mind relax a bit.

DO enjoy yourself

Cook a nice meal or see a new movie. Whatever makes you happy. The holidays are a last chance to enjoy yourself before a new year and a new semester arrive. Do what you can to include your friends and family, but don’t dwell too much on the fact that you’re away from home.

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