Secrets of the Slim

Inside your body there is a war going on: a battle between the cells that make up muscle and those that make up fat. You know which side you’re rooting for, but here’s the problem: In this war, fat will always have an unfair advantage. The only way muscle can win is with your help.

“I Will Eat Protein with Every Meal and Snack”

Muscle doesn’t come simply from lifting weights or hauling groceries up the stairs. Eating protein triggers muscle growth.

“I Will Always Eat Breakfast”

When you wake up in the morning your body is fuel-deprived. The muscles are desperate for nutrition and the body needs food to restore its balance.

“I Will Eat Before and After Exercise”

Eat a snack containing carbohydrates and protein 30 minutes before your workout and a protein-rich meal immediately after to restore muscle broken down during exercise.

Source: Women’s Health

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