ACI Wellness Challenge 2012: It’s All Over!

Time flies when you’re feeling good! And that’s exactly how everyone at ACI is feeling after completing the 6-week Wellness Challenge this past Tuesday. Morale is up, team spirit is strong, and the office is abuzz with a healthy, refreshed energy. Although every participant came out a winner with a renewed sense of well-being, one team came out on top as the true wellness warriors of the challenge: team Rock Your Body!  Congratulations to all you body-rockers, it was very well deserved.

ACI CEO Dr. Ann Clark receives honorary recognition at the final Wellness Challenge meeting

We sat down one last time with some of our favorite Wellness Challenge participants to discuss how the Wellness Challenge positively impacted their mind, body and spirit, and what their plans are to keep up their new healthy lifestyle!

Keri Gutierrez, Provider Relations and Training Specialist

I feel great after the Wellness Challenge! I have gotten in the habit of drinking a glass of water every morning before starting my day (to reduce that sluggish feeling!) That was one of the best things I learned during the wellness challenge—how much water affects your body and the way you feel! My clothes fit better, I have more energy, and I enjoy exercise and water now more than ever!

I plan on making this a lifestyle change. I am dedicated to continue on my healthy path and continue on my weight loss journey!

Sandy Glashaw, Account Manager

I’ve lost approximately 9 pounds through the last 6 weeks; I am definitely feeling my clothes fit more loosely.  I also have much more energy in the morning since I quit eating after 7pm! Just one of the many easy but helpful tips I learned during the Wellness Challenge.

I definitely plan on continuing with my new healthy lifestyle—I feel great mentally and physically, and can only see things getting better and better! I will continue to run, walk on my lunch, attend Yoga and eat smaller portions—and have fun while doing it!

Chris Ortiz, Account Manager

I am so surprised at the increase in energy that I have experienced just by eating better and exercising. I having more energy on a regular basis, and it has really improved my concentration and motivation. I’ve also slimmed down to a comfortable size and am close to gaining the muscle-mass weight I was aiming for.

The summer is upon us so it’s beach time, which means I definitely plan on continuing with my workouts! I’m going to start P90x again and incorporate some exercises that were suggested to me during the Wellness Challenge. I also plan on riding my Schwinn around every chance I get. The weather is so nice, I just see it as another reason to exercise and be active outside!

Kathryn Mullis, Account Manager

The biggest difference I feel from the Wellness Challenge is that I really do feel healthier overall. I love incorporating 30 minutes of exercise plus 3-5 servings of vegetables or fruit into each day.  The Challenge has showed me how easy it is to be healthier just by changing a few things in my daily eating/exercising activity!

My motivation to keep going after the Challenge is the effect that exercise and healthy eating have on my body inside and out. Another big plus is that this lifestyle is very inexpensive, easy and delicious.  There is no reason why I shouldn’t live this way!

About ACI Specialty Benefits

ACI Specialty Benefits ranks in the nation’s Top-Ten providers of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), corporate wellness programs, student assistance, corporate concierge, and work/life services to corporations worldwide. ACI partners with clients to Perk Up employee engagement and performance with benefit programs that improve morale, productivity and the bottom-line. With a 95% customer retention rate and over 7 million lives covered. ACI remains a privately-owned specialty benefits corporation, headquartered in San Diego. For more information, visit or call 800.932.0034.
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