5 Myths About Sleep and Exercise

Sleep should be as simple as shutting your eyes, right? Hardly. Here are some common misconceptions so you can make the most of your next snooze and reap benefits from your workout.

1. Late Night Workouts Prevent Sleep:  Don’t worry if the only time to squeeze in a workout is at night.  Exercise also can have a calming effect.

2. Early Morning Exercise Is Best:  Early birds do not always get the best quality workout.  The best time to exercise varies from person to person.

3. Muscles Grow in the Gym Not in bed:  During sleep growth hormone production increases.  This helps repair and build muscles after training.

4. Naps Are For The Weak:  While naps can’t make up for inadequate nighttime sleep, a quick nap may improve mood, alertness, and performance.

5. Exercise Can’t Help Insomnia:  Combat sleepless nights by hitting the gym. Exercise can help with deeper sleep for a longer period of time, which leads to feeling restored the next day.


About ACI Specialty Benefits

ACI Specialty Benefits ranks in the nation’s Top-Ten providers of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), corporate wellness programs, student assistance, corporate concierge, and work/life services to corporations worldwide. ACI partners with clients to Perk Up employee engagement and performance with benefit programs that improve morale, productivity and the bottom-line. With a 95% customer retention rate and over 7 million lives covered. ACI remains a privately-owned specialty benefits corporation, headquartered in San Diego. For more information, visit www.acispecialtybenefits.com or call 800.932.0034.
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