ACI Employees Impacted by Veterans Inside, Outside Workplace

While not every employee at ACI has served in the armed forces, we all have a story about how a veteran has touched our lives.

For ACI Graphic Designer Saul Sepulveda, his entire life has been surrounded by military servicemen.  From his brothers, father, cousins, uncle and many other members of his family, it’s safe to say Saul comes from a military family.

“My family came from a difficult financial background,” says Saul.  “Getting the opportunity to serve their country and climb out of poverty was a life-changing moment for them, and I’m very proud of all the hard work and sacrifice they’ve made for their country and me.”

ACI Wellness Director Alison Glenn also comes from a mixed military background.  “I’m just about the only one in my family who didn’t choose the military route,” explains Alison, “but that doesn’t mean they’ve influenced me any less.”  Both Alison’s brother and half-sister entered the military single, and both left the military married to military spouses.  Alison’s family have done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and she is very proud of the service they’ve done for their country.

Giving Back

ACI CAO Gil Manzano, far right, poses with other members at a recent VANC event

ACI CAO Gilbert ‘Gil’ Manzano Jr. has also had a strong military influence in his life.  With his father in the army, and his stepfather having served in nearly every branch of the armed forces, Gil has lived a highly impacted military life.  “The veterans in my life have had a profound impact on the way I live,” says Gil. “Whether it’s the self-discipline, dedication, passion, or sacrifice, the lessons I’ve learned from the veteran influence in my life has been invaluable.”

As a result of Gil’s gratitude he decided to get involved with the Veteran’s Association of North County (VANC) and assist veterans and the organization with their Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP).  Chuck Atkinson is the founder and President of VANC, and he also happens to be Gil’s stepfather.  Through this connection, Gil was able to get in touch with Sandra Fichter, Vice President of VANC, and she thought it would be nice for Gil to be able to share his interviewing and human resource expertise with some of the veterans looking for help at CTAP.

CTAP is a series of monthly classes designed to help veterans and their family members translate their military experience into tangible skills for civilian jobs through mock interviews, social media training, and many other reintegration tools.  Of the monthly classes, Gil serves on a panel for the topic “Interviewing Skills.”  Here Gil is able to provide expert feedback to veterans in order to help them polish their interviewing skills.

“It’s really rewarding to see the transformation these veterans and their family members go through in these trainings,” says Gil. “One gentleman just got out of the Navy and was having a lot of difficulty his first time through the training.  However, after receiving our feedback and putting in a little work, his second interview was outstanding.  It’s really special to be a part of that kind of growth for someone.”

For more information regarding the Veteran’s Association of North County or the Career Transition Assistance program visit their website at

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