Modern Moms

Momtreprenuer, supermom, multi-minding master—today’s modern mom certainly has her work cut out for her.  In the spirit of sisterhood and in celebration of Mother’s Day, ACI’s very own modern moms offer some favorite tips and tools of the trade for all the moms who are trying their best on a daily basis.

New mom of two, ACI’s media relations manager Laura McDermott says, “create your own definition of success.”  So what if my kid isn’t sleeping through the night yet.  No, they are not learning five languages, and they probably watch too much TV already.  But are my kids happy, is my marriage healthy, am I feeling good?  If the answer is yes, that’s all I need.  Forget perfection, let go of guilt, and be open to change.

With one son off at college and another in high school, ACI’s Vice President of Corporate Relations, Tori Barr, knows how important it is to “be present for your kids.”  Don’t let the endless to-do’s, activities, and events take away from really enjoying your time with the kids.  And she adds, “let others help.” When they offer to bring a casserole, make desserts, or babysit…say yes!

“Acceptance of your child for who they are,” has been a big lesson for ACI’s Vice President of Service Operations, Tandice Tinney.  With a son and daughter who have entirely different personalities, Tandice says, “Understanding the unique characteristics of your child, and not molding them into who you want them to be, can create a much better home environment.”

ACI’s Vice President of Service Outcomes, Theresa Baptiste, believes, “Being a mother is about teaching a child to make the right choices via on-the-job training.    If we are out and a situation should arise, I always take the opportunity to share my rationale about something and then encourage my daughter’s ideas and feedback.”

Supermom of two youngsters, ACI’s Vice President of Marketing and Technology Erin Krehbiel advises any mom who is trying to juggle it all to “simplify life by using technology to your advantage.” She loves online shopping and go-to websites like for mailing personalized invites, cards, thank you’s and more.

Last but not least, ACI’s CEO and Founder Dr. Ann Clark—adored mom of two grown daughters and grandmother of four—reminds us that “children grow up.”  The cliché becomes real life when your 7-year-old asks for a cell phone and your 22-year-old decides she’s going to make the gravy this Thanksgiving. Letting them grow up is a challenge—a constant pull against letting go.

See the full list of ACI modern moms’ favorite phrases, books, tools and strategies here on our extended edition.  Share favorite mom tips with ACI on twitter @ACISpecBenefits or ACI’s Facebook page.

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  1. Tori says:

    Great articlies Laura…you too are one of the best new mommies I know. Thanks for including all of us and making us feel like special moms with something to contribute!! T

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