Modern Moms: Extended Edition

Clockwise from top right: Tandice Tinney with niece Bellamy, daughter Jordan and son Ian.

This month’s HealthYmail, “Modern Moms” featured advice, tips and inspiration from ACI’s very own modern moms – but the conversation was just getting started.  Throughout the month, we’ll be showcasing all the words of wisdom that couldn’t make it into the Modern Moms HealthYmail in special ‘extended edition’ blogs.  This week, learn why Tandice Tinney loves the phrase “TSTT” and Sandy Glashaw shares some of her thoughts on being a mom.

Tandice Tinney, ACI’s Vice President of Service Operations and mom of two, shared, “Accept your kids for who they are” in this month’s newsletter – but was full of more great advice for modern moms:

Favorite phrase: “TSTT” – too soon to tell.  For instance, if at 8:30 am the kids ask “what are we having for dinner” I just say, TSTT and they know what I mean.  It ends the conversation without much back and forth.

Pick your battles: My daughter Jordan took piano for a while, and I told her she should practice more.  After going back and forth, I finally said we aren’t fighting about this, it is your choice.  Now, I will force them to do their homework, but the extracurricular stuff can’t be a battle for me.  Too many kids are forced to do this and that, Karate, piano, soccer, etc.  My son Ian loves baseball and has never complained a day (well, maybe once or twice) – but baseball has been an amazing part of his and our lives for 10 years.  Jordan decided she didn’t like piano and quit. She has tried ballet, girls fast pitch, karate, and didn’t like any of them.  But she is brilliant, gets straight A’s and loves to read…we all have our talents.

One last thing…being polite is becoming a lost art.  It is very important to me that my children are polite and treat others with respect.  Last reporting period, my son’s grades weren’t the best, but during the parent/teacher conference, all six teachers said Ian was such a great kid, a pleasure to have in class, eager to help and treats everyone with respect.   I’ll take that over straight A’s – I think we should teach our children to be good people.

ACI Account Manager, Sandy G.

Best advice for working moms: Really try to focus on balancing  your life between work and home.  When you’re at work stay focused, don’t  feel guilty that you’re away from your children.  When you’re at home love your babies. Hug them, sit on the floor and read books, go for walks, and color and finger paint.

Best part of being a mom:  Walking in the house from somewhere and two little kids come running to  me screaming “Mama is home! Mama is home!” as they fight to wrap their arms around my legs.  My kids bring out the best in me!

Biggest lesson learned: My house will be a toy box for the next 18 years!

Still haven’t mastered: The TERRIFFIC  2’s…

Nobody told me:  That I would be so protective with my children.  If someone hurts their feelings, they hurt my feelings just as bad.  If I see someone push my kids at the park, I immediately run to their rescue.

Favorite go-to book or website: Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care and

Most looking forward to:   Watching them grow daily… their excitement over holding on to a lady bug, seeing butterflies, planting flowers in the garden, beach vacations, every holiday that I have with them and anything that involves my babies!

Anything else you want to say: My dad passed away 8  years ago and growing up he always said, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” as I went to sleep.  He still said this to me while he was sick when I was taking care of him.  My dad never got to meet my kids before he passed.  I started saying, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”  to my son when he was three, and he now says it back to me and says, “that’s what grandpa used to say to you when you were a little girl, right mommy?”

Look out for more ‘extended edition’ Modern Mom posts leading up to Mother’s Day, and share your own advice for Modern Moms on twitter @acispecbenefits, ACI’s Facebook page, or in the blog comments.

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