Veteran Connection: Identity Theft

Veteran Connection: Identity Theft

Originally posted on VAntage Point, the official blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, this latest post lays out some of the best strategies for protecting yourself from ID theft.

“Identity thieves have developed innovative techniques to gain access to your personal information, including that of many Veterans. Some common ways to commit identity theft or fraud are:

  • Shoulder Surfing: stealing your information in public places while you make a purchase and provide your credit card over the phone or share your information with a sales associate in a store;
  • Business Record Theft: stealing information from businesses where your personal information is stored (i.e., an employer, a medical provider’s office, etc.);
  • Dumpster Diving: rummaging through trash or landfills to locate confidential information or discarded bank statements;
  • Skimming: electronically recording credit card account numbers or account information as your credit card is processed, during or immediately following a transaction that you authorized; and
  • Phishing: posting websites that pose as legitimate businesses or official entities, promising recipients benefits while requiring – then stealing – their identifying data.”

What does the U.S. Department of Justice recommend for combating this? Find out by reading the rest of the article at VAntage Point.

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Father’s Day 2016 at ACI

For the week before Father’s Day, the ACI Specialty Benefits and Leverage Concierge teams shared their own “Dad” stories!


Anna Goforth, Marketing Assistant:

“Here I am at my recent graduation from Point Loma Nazarene, along with my favorite college professor, aka my Dad!”






Jack ZimmerlinkJack Zimmerlink, Account Manager:

“Here’s a Father/Son pic I’d like to share from a while back. Happy Father’s Day!”





CaroleCarole Stafford, Intake Specialist:

“Here is a pic of my dad. He served in the Navy for four years and then was an anesthesiologist at Mercy Hospital for 30 years. He is smart and loving and I’ve always been proud to call him dad.

My favorite quote he would always say as I left the house: ‘Remember who you are, stay alert, and make good choices.'”



Jessica Gioiosa and Grandfather 1986 Jessica Gioiosa, Leverage Concierge Specialist:

“I wanted to share this picture of me with my Grandpa in 1986, when I was just over 6 months old.”






EPErin Philips, Content Specialist:

“I recently took a trip to London with my Dad, and here we are practicing our goofy faces on a train!”





Adora CollageAdora Luster, Manager, Executive Office:

“My handsome dad’s best advice is to “just keep trying your best,” and my favorite quote of his is “love you MORE!” The best Father’s Day gift I ever got him was the House of Cards DVD set, but my favorite Father’s Day moment is just being with my dad.”




willett0001Michael Willett, Senior Business Development Executive:

“Here’s a Father’s Day picture from 1990 with my father, sister and myself. Happy Father’s Day from all of us at ACI.”







Hollie and StepdadHollie Brown, Administrative Assistant:

“Here’s a picture of my Stepdad and I. I love him to the moon!







Hollie Family“Here’s another with my Dad and my sisters.”

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Getting America’s Veterans Back to Work

Veterans Back to Work

Originally posted on Glassdoor, be sure to check out this fantastic article about the challenge of rejoining the civilian labor market. Also included in the post is a map highlighting veteran-friendly jobs in the US by state!

“For many veterans, the biggest challenge begins when they return home. Rejoining the civilian labor market is notoriously difficult for veterans, particularly younger enlisted veterans with little pre-military work experience.

Veteran Challenges
Young veterans today face significantly higher unemployment rates than average. The unemployment rate for veterans aged 25 to 34 was 7.7 percent in 2014, compared to just 6.5 percent for non-veterans in the same age group.

Part of the explanation for these patterns is that veterans as a group differ markedly from the general public. They face challenges in the form of being less likely to complete college, may attend less selective schools and endure social challenges that come with being more ethnically and economically diverse than the overall labor force.

Interestingly, once we control for these differences, studies show veterans fare about as well as other workers in the labor market. Enlisted veterans earn about the same as non-veterans with similar backgrounds, and a year of military service raises wages by about as much as a year of civilian work experience…”

Continue reading at Glassdoor.

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Veteran Connection: Tips for Successful Relocation

Military and Veterans Relocation and Moving Resources
VAntage Point, the official blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, recently posted some great tips for a successful relocation. If you are thinking of making a move, which isn’t uncommon in the upcoming summer season, this post is a must-read, with resources for moving and insight on which parts of the US might best fit your lifestyle and goals. In addition, the post provides details on openings at various VA locations across the country.

Be sure to check out the original post for the helpful resources, including:

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Veteran Connection: Job Search Tips

Veteran Connection Resources for Job Search

VAntage Point, the official blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, recently posted some great tips for a successful job search. Below are some of the answers to frequently asked questions about best practices for researching and applying for jobs.

What’s a common mistake you see with job seekers?

Simply not applying to enough jobs. The more job applications you put in, the more your probability of getting hired increases. Recruiters won’t know you’re out there if you don’t submit your resume.

How many jobs should I apply for in a week?

An attainable goal is around five to seven job applications. But be sure to set a realistic pace for yourself. An average job application will take you around an hour to complete.

Do you have any specific tips for job seekers applying to VHA or other government agencies?

Patience and diligence. The federal government requires very detailed paperwork, which can take more time to complete. You should visit the Application Process section of the VA Careers site for some additional tips and info.

And the review can also take a little bit longer. I had about two months between the time of my first interview with VHA and my first day at work. If you are in the military or a college senior, I would recommend applying to jobs at least six months before your desired date of employment.

You use the phrase “your draft stock is directly proportional to your resume.” What do you mean?

You might be the perfect candidate for a job, but if you have a poor resume, your chances of scoring an interview drastically decline. That’s why it’s important to put out the best possible resume you can. I can’t emphasize enough how key this is.

Remember that you shouldn’t try to fudge your work history with potential employers. Recruiters know that job applications come from a diverse background. If you had a sales associate job, don’t make it sound like you were the store manager. Recruiters look at hundreds of resumes a week, and the ability to smell deception is second nature to them.

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Veteran Connection: Benefits to Boost Your Academic and Professional Career

2.18.2016 school furniture

VAntage Point, the official blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, recently shared information about three educational and professional support programs, outside of the GI Bill®, that are paid by the VA. Be sure to take a look at these unique ways VA benefits can be used to support your academic and professional career. Click here to visit the site and learn more about the resources, including:

  • Entrepreneurship Training – learn how to start a business or improve one you currently run.
  • National Testing Program – be reimbursed for tests like the SAT, ACT, MCAT and more.
  • Licensing and Certification – receive support for licensing or certification fees for fields like medical technicians, website developers, and therapists.

For more information about ACI’s veteran employee/student support and other services, contact ACI at, and visit

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4.27.2015 Desk Meditation

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Wellness News:

Proper Wellness Takes Balance: Because wellness programs are so personal, communication is even more important than carrots and sticks to engage your employees.

It’s Official: Millennials Are Now The Largest Part Of The U.S. Workforce

Recognition And Fair Pay Are Baseline Principles For Better Engagement

Wellness program measurements evolve

A radical rethink of wellness programs

This app lets you post anonymous messages, ease office tension

Crow Wing Energized: Healthy food options at work can begin with as little as $100

Broker/Sales News:

Will your boss match Netflix’s yearlong paid leave?

Shareholders sue Towers Watson over Willis merger

Zenefits alternative gets broker endorsement

Voluntary basics for businesses

A Dozen Reasons The Netflix Maternity Leave Benefit May Be A Bad Idea


Work/Life and Concierge News:

Two New Reasons You Seriously Need to Find a Work/Life Balance

Employee Benefits, Perks & The In Betweens

The Workplace Culture That Flying Nannies Won’t Fix


Incredible Company Perks: Top 5 Swag and Service-Based Perks

Facebook cofounder calls out tech industry for lack of work-life balance\

Student Assistance News

Curbing Sexual Assault Becomes Big Business On Campus

How to Help the Students With No Homes?

College is not the great equalizer for black and Hispanic graduates

This Map Shows How Many More Students Are Living In Poverty Than 9 Years Ago

Marin Voice: As higher education fees rise, more students fall through the cracks

BERKELEY NEWS: Wellness fee to increase Tang Center services, support sex assault prevention

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